Brigham County State Park       22" X 30.5

Hyde's Mill,    Wisconsin's Driftless Valley     19.5" x 25" 

 Blue Mounds Colorful Creek     22.5" x 17" 

 Arena Landing, Wisconsin River    14" x 23"

 View From Brigham County State Park   18" x 30"

 Blue Mounds Creek,   Arena Landing   19" x 24.5"

 Detail,  Brigham County State Park, Breeze Thru Trees

 Detail,     Hyde's Mill,     WI's Driftless Valley 

 Detail,    Blue Mounds Colorful Creek

 Detail,    Arena Landing, Wisconsin River

 Detail,  View From Brigham County State Park

 Detail,  Blue Mounds Creek,   Arena Landing

 The Last Fishin' Hole,   Great Smoky Mountains National Park         19"  x  24"

 Warm Winters Day Birches       19"  x  30"

Smoky Mountains Between the Rains       29.5"  x  24.5" 

 Two Oaks         18.5"  x  24.5"

Smoky Mountain Rapids         19"  x  24"

 Sky Is To Trees           24"  x  19"

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