Here are some images of oil on canvas paintings created following Derek's tour of
several Wisconsin golf courses, inspired by long morning shadows,  afternoon sunbursts, 
hanging pines and willows, environmental design and perfect grass. 

Ready at the Flag, Stoughton Country Club     12" x 24"  

Willows, Lake Geneva Country Club   12" x 24" 

Old #6, Koshkonong Mounds     12" x 16"

LaCrosse Country Clubhouse      14" x 18"

Stoughton Country Clubhouse     28" x 34"

Big Sky, Hawk's View, Lake Geneva   12" x 24"

Lady's Day, Coachman's     14" x 18"

Concentration, Stoughton Country Club   9" x 12"

Sunburst, Lake Geneva Country Club  14" x 18"

Fairway, Stoughton Country Club   12" x 24"