Artist Statement 2017

Derek Hambly – 2017

In 1967, after spending my university years studying and loving the masters, I let go of them and began studying myself.  I realized for an artist to develop himself, he needs to get down to what he’s about and his own journey as a creator.  That realization helped set me apart, and I knew only through that journey could I get close to finding myself, and the truth about art.

So I molded my landscape works to develop them into abstracted landscapes, and then into hard-edge abstraction.  When I noticed there was really none of me in those works, I went back to the beginning, and discovered in my landscapes shapes, symbols and movements of the forces that nature kept offering.  They eventually became the ideas and concepts for my present abstract expressionistic paintings.

It’s no accident that after almost 50 years of studying myself, I feel that I am finally a master of my own creative forces.  I don’t just paint the canvas.  I am the painter within the painting.  My work is my signature.  It’s the road map of where I’ve been, and the clues to where I’m going next.